Providing a Client side download with JavaScript and HTML5

The web is changing, Offline web applications are getting popular rapidly. Crazy things are happening in your browser that were only possible on the server before. For example, you can create and manipulate images in your browser with HTML5 Canvas, create and manipulate SVG vectors, capture and manipulate video/audio from input devices with Web RTC. Cool, right?definitely cool! as you have a plenty of things you could probably want to save, Client side download is really essential. Let's go through the process how I managed to do it, limitations and how I took care of them.

Develop for the browser, inside the browser

Developing right from the browser Isn't a new idea. There were a lot of third party tools for this work. Well, things change, our browsers changed too. It's not just your regular web browsing tool now, It's a web making too as well. If you are reading this, then you're probably familiar with Firebug, The tool that changed our workflow dramatically. Well, firbug is already full with a lot of praises for sure, let's talk about something else.

Learn CSS3 cubic-bezier like a Boss. (cubic-bezier timing function simplified for beginners)

So, You know how to use easing in animation and transition. you've probably used properties like, linear, ease, ease-in, ease-out, ease-in-out and probably you have seen something like cubic bezier and tried some web search and found some good articles, well, great! but this post is aimed at people who didn't figure out the main concept of cubic bezier timing functions. It's like a swiss knife that wil improve your CSS3 animations dramatically. Keep calm and relax, it's not hard, and yes not that much technical or mathematical either. A great and detailed article on CSS timing functions including a very good explaination on cubic-bezier was published recently in Smashing magazine, if you want technical and detailed explaination, feel free to read that article instead of reading this.

Ghost! Just a blogging platform, full of awesomeness

Blogging is very popular now a days. And fortunately, there are lots of available tools for blogging. The first name that ever comes in your mind is mighty Wordpress, Since 2003, this amazing blogging platform is now more than a simple blogging platform. But end user searches for a better and easier way to do things, And this is where the idea of Ghost comes from. Having said to be Just a blogging platform, Ghost aims to be as user friendly as possible.

Fix Google Webfont problem in firefox

You probably have noticed that Google Webfont doesn't seem to work with the latest version of Firefox. Feeling worried? well there's a solution :), let's take a closer look at the problem first:

The above image explains it all, firefox Doesn't download fonts from a remote server, so, it doesn't download the google Woff font too.

Well, this problem can be solved by configuring your web server.

If you are using Apache webserver, add these code in you .htaccess file :

Use dd for creating Bootable USB stick from any Disk image

First of all, please please please, make sure you check and double check the command before executing it.
This command is highly dangerous (be careful) and may delete all your files.
hehe, scared you right away. Don't worry, nothing will happen if you don't make a mistake, and I gues you won't because I'll explain the whole command to you. Creating a bootable media from linux has always been painful. and It is even more tough if you wish to create a bootable Windows media. But as linux is so amazing, it has some built in command to do these thing very easily. so let's start.

Connectify Alternative for linux

Connectify-me has been so popular among the Windows users. It allows you to create Wireless hotsopt and share your internet connection. That's amazing because, now a days portable devices are easily available and most of them are wi-fi capable. Unfortulately, there is nothing completely baked for doing the same thing. However it is not that hard to do it on linux. in fact, it is even easier. So let's get started.

We'll have to install these packages :

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