Develop for the browser, inside the browser

Developing right from the browser Isn't a new idea. There were a lot of third party tools for this work. Well, things change, our browsers changed too. It's not just your regular web browsing tool now, It's a web making too as well. If you are reading this, then you're probably familiar with Firebug, The tool that changed our workflow dramatically. Well, firbug is already full with a lot of praises for sure, let's talk about something else.

Fix Google Webfont problem in firefox

You probably have noticed that Google Webfont doesn't seem to work with the latest version of Firefox. Feeling worried? well there's a solution :), let's take a closer look at the problem first:

The above image explains it all, firefox Doesn't download fonts from a remote server, so, it doesn't download the google Woff font too.

Well, this problem can be solved by configuring your web server.

If you are using Apache webserver, add these code in you .htaccess file :

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