Learn CSS3 cubic-bezier like a Boss. (cubic-bezier timing function simplified for beginners)

So, You know how to use easing in animation and transition. you've probably used properties like, linear, ease, ease-in, ease-out, ease-in-out and probably you have seen something like cubic bezier and tried some web search and found some good articles, well, great! but this post is aimed at people who didn't figure out the main concept of cubic bezier timing functions. It's like a swiss knife that wil improve your CSS3 animations dramatically. Keep calm and relax, it's not hard, and yes not that much technical or mathematical either. A great and detailed article on CSS timing functions including a very good explaination on cubic-bezier was published recently in Smashing magazine, if you want technical and detailed explaination, feel free to read that article instead of reading this.

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